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Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 11:03 PM
Subject: Re: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: {W&P} Bush & Treaties....

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> Well IMHO its part the system and partly the people. First despite plenty of
> money to fund art exhibits of severed penisis or bottles of semen or artist
> urine there is limited money to support disadvantaged citizens. So misplaced
> Government priorities may be a problem. Economical decisions when handling
> personal income may play a huge part. A huge part of many peoples debt is in
> financed items, credit cards. This coupled to the fact that many people live
> paycheck to paycheck means when an economic crisis appears many people are
> only a paycheck or two away from the street. It is almost axiomatic here
> that the more you make the more you spend. This spells disaster for those
> that donot or cannot save. Ahigh percentage of even the poor enjoy a
> passable standard of living thanks to the churches,  food banks, various
> welfare programs but some sad to say do fall though the cracks. Many of them
> are mentally ill and we do have a lot to answer for in the abominable lack
> of care for our mentally ill. Mental hospitals were basically abolished in
> the 50s and 60s due to several sensational TV documentary reports on
> intolerable conditions 60 minutes had a very influential report. So instead
> of fixing the problems it was deemed cheaper to drug em up and turn them
> loose. Well, I've drifted but by and large in the cities least if someone
> needs shelter clothing and or a meal they are available. In the countryside
> particularly the paternalistic Government Indian reservations many native
> Americans live in abject squalor and not much is being done about that.
> Rural blacks have some similar problems. Low income housing is in short
> supply and the conditions can be squalid. Crime and drugs rampant Jobs can
> be hard to find for Minority poor Americans as many of then refuse to
> assimilate and will not be hired by business people conscious of their image
> to the public. Couple this with the fact many of theses minorities do not
> value education as much as they should leads to an ever deepening circle of
> dependence and economic futility Jim

In my oppinion the above article is a good and balanced set of explanations of the 
situation, and , sad to say, many of the cases are here too. (Except native 
americans). On the other hand there is also here a nativ, nomadic part of the 
population in the north living of reindeers, although many, if not all nowdays live in 
perment dwellings the time of the year when it's to harsh a weather to live in the old 

The problem of making some people to see how important education is, is another common 
problem. We have here a saying: You can leed the horse to the water, but you can not 
force it to drink. I would like to add: But you must never give up trying. And the 
mental disorded have sadly enough got the same treatment here. How can they set out 
mentally retarded people to live and handle a living by themselves. To take care of a 
small appartement, pay the rent and so on without even to remember what day it is.

The, of course, there are allways those who are not in any mental trouble, but never 
the less fail to indulge any education over the minimum standard. Could the folowing 
be a sugestion for solving this problem?

This said, I would therefore like to add another item: In the old days there always 
was simple, but honest jobbs in the industrial sector to obtain for those that in the 
young and disorded years missed their chance to a higher education. To day, with all 
this outsorcing going on, those jobbs seem to be much less frequent on the market in 
both USA and in Europe. Should this be going on to the extent that it leaves a lot of 
people out of work when the corporations would have work to offer in their homeland if 
they were not exported?

( :8-)

I'm aware that this kind of question has a lot of both political, industialized contra 
third world and economical implications. Shouldn't this kind of actions be kept within 
balance for the best of the country?

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