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Granted, Americans are probably the most generous people on earth. But I, for
one, am getting sick and tired of always having to be the country that sends
money, help, food, medicine, defense ... while Europe and the rest of the
world sits back on it's collective butt and does nothing except complain
about how terrible the USA is.

A rampaging LG

Amen!! Are you like me and just get tired of trying to explain this to people? Don't they see how illegitimate births skyrocketed as soon as the government started paying for them? Even the Liberal stalwart Daniel Patrick Moynahan wrote a paper in the early sixties predicting that would happen. If you REWARD bad behavior you will get more bad behavior. The decline in shame has also played a part I believe. If you are willing to go on Jerry Springer and confess, you will be forgiven and probably rewarded for the worst of actions. janice
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