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Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 9:19 AM
Subject: RE: {W&P} Conservatives Vs. Liberals

> In a message dated 12/6/01 1:36:03 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << As I said: Only rightwing partys. Wether they are more or less whacko 
> conservatives or more or less whacko liberals they are just to be considdered > 
>rightwing partys and nothing else. And all depending on corporate funding, 
> right? >>
> _____________________________________
> I don't understand how you can say they are ALL rightwing parties. 
> Liberal Democrats are for BIG Government, Cradle-to-Grave Government 
> intrusion into private lives.

--When, in witch part of life is the indivual supposed to be left alone even when 
things go wrong? I say: In no part of life is a human beeing an island and can 
therefore be entiteled to support in witch case I'm for it. That does not mean the the 
state and it's institutions can meddle in the private life at will. They have to be 
invited un less criminal acs are involved.

They think all the worlds problems can be solved by inventing cutesy names for 
everything (Was: Dumb as a Post. Now: Learning Challenged), Education scares the 
daylights out of them because an informed electorate is too hard to control, they 
think anyone should be allowed to do anything no matter how perverse and sick it is, 
and the rest of us should just sit back and pretend that its really normal and we're 
just prejudiced. They think the state can do a better job of raising kids than the 
parents can.

--Renameing is common in all political partys. Liberal economy is as the moment (or 
has at least reasently) been forwarded as the good and final goal for the world trade 
and affairs. To call it by it's right name, economic anarcy for the big corporations, 
as it can and very well is expected by the big corporations to develop to, would not 
make it popular in the eyes of the public.

They believe animals, plants and planet earth are more important than human beings. A 
socialistic/communistic BIG BROTHER world government is their main goal in life.....

--Humans, by themselves, can not uphold a biosphere that we can live in. As in the 
timetable during the evolution humans evolved last. Yes, plants, animals and the rest 
of this planet comes first or else humans die out. We are a part of the biosphere and 
if we destroy it we have, ourselves, nowhere to go.No man is an island.

> Conservative Republicans are for as little government as possible, they think 
> people can care for themselves and each other much better than government 
> ever could.

--Still, when something goes wrong some help could come in handy, right. Childcare at 
no ruin prices help those that are, also, expected to work for their and their family 
living. No parent can be at two places at the same time.

They find the world of political correctness to be one of the biggest jokes 
perpetrated on mankind  (calling them "learning challenged does NOT change the fact 
that their dumb as a post), they believe that getting an education is the most 
important thing there is, and there's no such thing as  knowing to much, they believe 
in personal freedom but not at the expense of others.

--It's the same way of trying to hide that liberal economy really can be considdered 
economic anarcy. Unfortunatelly all people are not as clever as you and me. Or as you 
at least, and the expression "personal freedom" is often used to explain that the 
speaker considder that his income should not be tuched by taxes of any kand.

They believe parents are much better at raising kids than the state ever could be.

--Unfortunatelly, not all. Some take an overdose.

They believe animals, plants and planet earth should always be considered, but people 
are just as important. They have no respect for socialists or communists, and you can 
take Big Brother and put him where the sun don't shine!

--I think that they believe that the american economy is the only imortant thing. They 
should be a little more interrested in some aspect of the socialist agenda, but why 
are you so mean to President Bush?

> Yes -- both sides get corporate funding -- sometimes from the same 
> corporation! Because corporations believe in playing both sides against the 
> middle.

--Or because they want to make sure that they can collect who ever win to become 
president of USA.

( :8-)

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