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    I meant: where has it gone wrong in the USA when you cant make sure that every 
citizen at least have a deasent way of living in spite of so low prises on many 

  The point is why should the taxpayer make sure every lazy low life has a free ride. 
People who are TRULY in need are well taken care of by the government and by 
charities. But if you are an able bodied person, there is no reason you need a handout 
from the hardworking taxpayers. Drug addiction is not a reason to expect to be taken 
care of. It is a personal choice for a person to remain that way. having children when 
you are not married is a personal choice. Neither of these things should be the 
responsibility of the taxpayer. janice

  --No. The point is: How come that the taxpayer in USA always see themselves as 
victims and not as the fortunate ones? They can pay tax. They have what they need or 
they wouln't qualify as taxpayers. Some positive thinking would help, don't you think?

  ( :8-)

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