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In a message dated 12/7/01 3:50:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< > That's sad.
 --No. What's sad is that so many people follow ideas that are fary tales. 
Wrong input = wrong output. >>
You're wrong ... because you are "restricting you thoughts to only one of an 
infinite number of patterns." You "are more or less locked up in there and 
whatever subject you try to bring up, the are working to try to fit it in 
their accepted pattern." And if the ideas that I present to you "don't fit, 
it's rejected, no matter what."

Witness your final comment: "Sorry, but you fary tale is deteted as none of 
them can see him, witch was not the point you were trying to make, but that 
is the point of the story, really!"

The point I was making, which you overlooked, was YOU look around and say 
"Show me where there is proof that there IS a God."

I look around and say: "Show me where there is proof that there ISN'T a God."

I see proof everywhere -- you see proof nowhere. And when I ask you "WHY?" Or 
"HOW can you NOT see it?" You tell me that I'M living is a fairy tale instead 
of answering my questions ... 

And as for having a mind that is locked into one pattern of thought ... One 
of my greatest talents is the ability to take any side in an argument and 
defend the side I'm taking. Something that I feel you can't do, because you 
can see no side but your own. 

Allow me to prove it to you ... Over the course of several e-mails, I have 
repeatedly asked you "If man evolved from monkey and apes, WHY do we still 
have monkeys and apes? You don't see any 3-toed horses running around!" You 
have never been able to answer that question -- your best shot is going on 
and on about DNA and then accusing me of living in a fairy tale.

The lesson will now begin:

"If man evolved from monkey and apes, WHY do we still have monkeys and apes?  
You don't see any 3-toed horses running around!"

That's easy to explain. The modern horse evolved from the prehistoric 3-toed 
horse. It was a direct line of descent with no branches splintering off. Man, 
on the other hand,  evolved from one branch of the family from which monkeys 
and apes are from. The other branches didn't evolve, but remained as they 
were with only minor DNA-induced adjustments over the centuries. While man, 
an obvious leap in the evolutionary scale, won out over his more ape-like 
brothers and became the dominant homo-sapian species. 

I rest my case!


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