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In a message dated 12/7/01 4:19:11 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

> << I suppose that the were not waving knifes around as about 40 people had 
> been killed or wounded. >>
> -------------------------------------------------
> I only got the tail end of that ... something about someone's nose was out 
> joint because he was fired, I think.

----> Actually it was 2 killed and 3 or 4 wounded.

> Sure, guns make it easier -- but if someone wants to do the dirty, they 
> usually find a way to do it. What are we supposed to do? Ban EVERYTHING 
> might be used to hurt someone? The terrorists used plastic knives and box> 
cutters on 9/11 ... what good would a gun ban have been for that?
> -------------------------------------------------
To use terrorist methods as an argument for not take a close look at what 
happens when ordinary people go hey-wild is to go a bit far?

----> You really have a problem giving a straight answer to a straight 
question, don't you. I'll try a different tack ..... 
1 person used a gun to kill 2 and wound several others ...
and over 50,000,000+ people didn't use their guns to kill or wound anyone! 
Fifty Million Plus Good Guys against One Bad Guy
Now WHY do we punish the good guys?????

> Instead of punishing law-abiding gun owners, why not go after the people 
> do these terrible things? 
> -------------------------------------------------
What is the policeforce doing then?

----> What they can, when they can -- which isn't a whole heck of a lot 
because the liberals and American Criminal Liberties Union believes that bad 
guys deserve a lot more protection and consideration than good guys.

> Why not go after the ACLU (American Criminal Liberties Union) that always > 
protects these thugs? > Why not turn prisons into prisons instead of the Club 
Meds that they have > become?
> -------------------------------------------------
What I have seen reported on TV the privat prisons are anything but Club Meds!

----> Private Prisons? What are they?
All we have here are state and federal prisons. The federal prisons really 
are Club Meds and the state prisons aren't far behind ..... color TV's, 
master's degrees at state expense, e-mail and Internet access, opt-in work 
programs, not because you're being punished, but to earn extra spending money 
for goodies to make your life more pleasant ..... 

> Why not go back to the premise that criminals convicted of crimes have lost 
> some of their civil rights enjoyed by honest citizens and they WILL be 
> punished swiftly and surely for what they have done?
> -------------------------------------------------
See above!

----> No! See it Right Here! The threat of prison is no longer a deterrent 
against crime. Punishment is Never Swift and can be delayed for years if one 
has a clever lawyer. You retain all of your rights, and you get free board 
and room, with the right to file suit in court if prison conditions don't 
meet your needs! 


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