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I, for at least one, fail to see how having a baby, with or without wedlock, can be judged to be among the worst of actions!

( :8-)

In this country if you are not married and have a baby the government will support you and the baby until it is 18 years old. But 90% of those children will live in poverty become criminals or drug addicts and have children without being married themselves. There are families with three and four generations who have never held a job. Or had fathers around. You think this is a GOOD thing that should be encouraged? Or a bad thing that should be discouraged? I think that three generations of people who have never had a job and that the taxpayers are forced to take care of with their hard earned money is a bad thing. Why should some people have to work hard their entire lives so that other people can sit around and do nothing but have more children that the working people get taxed more to pay for? Do you REALLY think that is fair? Or do you think that maybe those people should stop having those children until they get a job and can take care of them? janice
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