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Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2001 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: SV: {W&P} God & the DNA

> In a message dated 12/7/01 3:50:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << > That's sad.
> ---------------------------------------------------
>  --No. What's sad is that so many people follow ideas that are fary tales. 
> Wrong input = wrong output. >>
> ___________________________
> You're wrong ... because you are "restricting you thoughts to only one of an 
> infinite number of patterns." You "are more or less locked up in there and 
> whatever subject you try to bring up, the are working to try to fit it in 
> their accepted pattern." And if the ideas that I present to you "don't fit, 
> it's rejected, no matter what."
> Witness your final comment: "Sorry, but you fary tale is deteted as none of 
> them can see him, witch was not the point you were trying to make, but that 
> is the point of the story, really!"
> The point I was making, which you overlooked, was YOU look around and say 
> "Show me where there is proof that there IS a God."
> I look around and say: "Show me where there is proof that there ISN'T a God."
> I see proof everywhere -- you see proof nowhere. And when I ask you "WHY?" Or 
> "HOW can you NOT see it?" You tell me that I'M living is a fairy tale instead 
> of answering my questions ... 

--I have said in the previos e-mails, where I explained the evolution, that the one 
thing comes from the previous and will go on, so don't pretend that I have not 
answered, however indirect. I didn't expect that that would be neccesery.

The proof you se everywhere is in your mind, in your willingnes to believe fary tales. 
What you wish to beleive is only your business. Not mine. It's no proof of anything.

You have no case to rest.

( :8-)

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