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In a message dated 12/8/01 4:20:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< > Conservative Republicans are for as little government as possible, they 
 > people can care for themselves and each other much better than government 
 > ever could.
 --Still, when something goes wrong some help could come in handy, right. 
Childcare at no ruin prices help those that are, also, expected to work for 
their and their family living. No parent can be at two places at the same 
time. >>
<< help could come in handy, right. >> Of course! That's why we have friends 
and neighbors. 

Childcare is a slight sore spot with me ... I understand why single mothers 
away from their families would need it ... but these other folks should be 
ashamed, dumping their kids with strangers just so they can have a bunch of 
"things" they don't really need. If material possessions are so important to 
them, they shouldn't have had kids.


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