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In a message dated 12/8/01 4:20:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< They believe animals, plants and planet earth should always be considered, 
but people are just as important. They have no respect for socialists or 
communists, and you can take Big Brother and put him where the sun don't 
 --I think that they believe that the american economy is the only imortant 
thing. They should be a little more interrested in some aspect of the 
socialist agenda, but why are you so mean to President Bush? >>
Well, I think you don't know what you're talking about! Of course the economy 
is important ... the American economy collapses, the world economy will 
follow right behind it! But there's just to many people out there that are 
trying to make it work for everyone and everything for you to make a 
statement like that.

And how did Bush get into this discussion? 


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