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Just a question. Just suppose that all countries abandoned all social program forthe unwed mothers the drugaddicted the insane the lazy the handicapped the infirm. many of these could be considered Able bodied what happens then. No support no money coming in no shelters. I suggest that that is a price we wouldn't want to pay. We would be back in Dickensen England or worse. Now can we get tougher on the people that show up time after time on the dole. A girl gets one free child andthen herchildren get taken away perhaps? A man gets so many payments and then if he hasn't found a job into the armed forces as a cook or grounds keeper perhaps. A drug addict gets one chance to clean up and he spends quality time in a national park cutting grass ect. It could be done. Its just too easy now. Jim

These are all VERY good ideas. The problem is that the democrats cry bloody murder when things like you suggested are proposed. They say that we have no right to interfere with a woman's right to reproduce. They say that we strip people of their dignity when we ask them to work for their handouts. They call it forced slavery in some of their more inflammatory rhetoric. janice
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