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> In a message dated 12/9/01 7:50:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << To be allowed to vote only if you can prove that you are not dumb? An IQ 
> test before you can register. Some dumb people will be rejected. >>
> ________________________________________________
> That's an ongoing conflict in Florida right now ... The state wants to post a 
> list of voter's responsibilities at every polling place and the American 
> Criminal Liberties Union is up in arms over it ... they think it's extremely 
> unfair for the state to say that it's the voters responsibility to be 
> informed about the issues, to know what the candidates stand for, to be able 
> to read the ballot ... silly little things like that!
> LG

--Amazing! Are there really many people that is not informed about the elections, 
don't know anything about the candidates and can't read?

What is wrong with the education in USA? Or maybe many people really have no one to 
vote for as the spectra of politics that they favour has no candidate? It could be so 

But, please, tell me more about it. It is sugested some kind of test before voting?

--Personally I think it's so that knowing nothing of diffrent issus usually never stop 
people from haveing an oppinion. That's easy. It's when you start to know somting 
about something it's getting complicated. So education is not only good.

( :8-)

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