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Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2001 4:02 PM
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Claes Persson wrote:

 --No. The point is: How come that the taxpayer in USA always see themselves as victims and not as the fortunate ones? They can pay tax. They have what they need or they wouln't qualify as taxpayers. Some positive thinking would help, don't you think? Claes( :8-)

No, the point is that if the US continues on the path it has been since 1964, within a few decades we will have more people on the government paycheck than we will have people paying taxes and our country will collapse from within, like most great societies. The point is our government is encourages welfare and give away programs and discourages self-reliance and investments for the purpose of generating income.

We tax payers are far more concerned about the way our taxes are spent than the amount of taxes we pay. The future of our country rests in the votes of the uneducated, illiterate persons that have never paid any taxes. This group of voters will soon outnumber the educated and taxpaying work force. there is no doubt that the results will not be favorable for the continuation of our country.

You are typical liberal. Even you can see (I know you are not that stupid) that the USA and many countries in Europe can not cope with the ever increasing tax burden and shrinking taxpayer base.



--The principle you line out exists logically as a thret to all countrys. Those sceems that you fear so much are not only to be found in the USA, and so far has no country gone bust beacuse of them although many countrys have much bigger sceems going on.

On the other hand: most of the countrys in Europe has also much bigger taxes. The result of that is that a much bigger part of those money spent is returning to the state or community in the form of taxes one way or the other. The extreem is if some one use some of the money to by a bottle of boose. Then 95% returns directelly as a taxincome to the state. Less returns from food and other commoditys, but still.

Still. Something has to be done about the problems people face. What would you sugest? How should the goverment spend the money?


( :8-)


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