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> In a message dated 12/8/01 4:20:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: in the next paragraph!
> << > Liberal Democrats are for BIG Government, Cradle-to-Grave Government 
>  > intrusion into private lives.
>  ------------------------------------------------
>  --When, in witch part of life is the indivual supposed to be left alone even 
> when things go wrong? I say: In no part of life is a human beeing an island 
> and can therefore be entiteled to support in witch case I'm for it. That does 
> not mean the the state and it's institutions can meddle in the private life 
> at will. They have to be invited un less criminal acs are involved. >>
> ___________________________________
> Say What???
> Sorry ... but I'm having trouble following your logic -- even with coffee.  
> :)  But I have the feeling this is another "god" argument! You can't imagine 
> *not* having big brother in your life from cradle to grave and I can't 
> imagine having him. 
> As the poem so eloquently states:
> "I am the Master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul." And the last thing 
> I want is for some government agency showing up on my doorstep to tell me how 
> I should live my life!

I see! As usual the storys about this "cardle to grave" goes too far! No one here in 
europe wants or can even expect that some "big-brother" or any authoroty comes 
knocking on the door. One have to do the door-knocking oneself, and quite a lot of it. 
But, that said, there must be some place to go to knock on a door in case...

You can very well live your life and so can I. No one has the right to come inside the 
door (as I wrote up) if not invited. The differense is perhaps smaller than you think. 
In fact, I'm convinced about it if there is a door to knock on in the USA too, in 

( :8-)

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