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In a message dated 12/8/01 4:20:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< They find the world of political correctness to be one of the biggest 
jokes perpetrated on mankind  (calling them "learning challenged does NOT 
change the fact that their dumb as a post), they believe that getting an 
education is the most important thing there is, and there's no such thing as  
knowing to much, they believe in personal freedom but not at the expense of 
 --It's the same way of trying to hide that liberal economy really can be 
considdered economic anarcy. Unfortunatelly all people are not as clever as 
you and me. Or as you at least, and the expression "personal freedom" is 
often used to explain that the speaker considder that his income should not 
be tuched by taxes of any kand. >>
I'm having a little trouble understanding what "personal freedom" has to do 
with taxes.

I'm referring to being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it 
without having to get permission from some government entity ... As long as 
I'm not breaking any laws, of course. 

Example -- say I want to build a new barn. (we own a small farm). Now, I 
understand the need for inspections, like electrical, building, or what-not 
... and I have no problem with that ... but WHY should I have to get a 
"permit" to build on my own land. As long as I'm following the land use 
restrictions for my property -- WHY should I have to get the county's 
permission??? Having to do that is an infringement on my personal freedom. 


BTW: This is hypothetical only -- there is nothing wrong with the barn that 
we have and we have no desire to build a new one.

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