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In a message dated 12/9/01 5:59:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< No, but I'm afrid you are. Destroy the biosphere, the air, the water and 
make a dessert of all the land and all die. You can't both have the cake and 
eat it - that is: you can't deroy the enviroment and go on living as it never 
happend. Isn't it better to be careful and make sure that we, also in the 
future, have air, water and furtile land than take a chance and don't bother 
until it's too late and say: "Sorry, but it was wrong so now we all die - but 
that's life? >>
First Off ... do we have a little drinking problem over there?

What quadrant of the atmosphere did you drag out the assumption that I'm in 
favor of killing "people"??? Persons, Yes ... there are several that I'd 
nominate for elimination ... but not people in general.

And I'm very resentful of the "Save the wilderness for the Rich Folks" while 
the rest of us go without ... You show me a wilderness area where NO ONE is 
allowed to go and visit, and I'll support it ... But all the ones I've heard 
about are closed off to poor people by restrictions that make it impossible 
for them to see any of these pristine sights because they can't afford to 
take months off of their job to "hike the back country" and stuff like that 
.... but the Rich Folk can. So in effect, all these wilderness areas are, are 
private playgrounds for the Rich ... no poor people allowed!

And with careful planning the two can exist side-by-side ... use of natural 
resources does not automatically indicate waste and ruin. 


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