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Claes Persson wrote:

No, the point is that if the US continues on the path it has been since 1964, within a few decades we will have more people on the government paycheck than we will have people paying taxes and our country will collapse from within, like most great societies. The point is our government is encourages welfare and give away programs and discourages self-reliance and investments for the purpose of generating income.



--The principle you line out exists logically as a thret to all countrys. Those sceems that you fear so much are not only to be found in the USA, and so far has no country gone bust beacuse of them although many countrys have much bigger sceems going on.

Still. Something has to be done about the problems people face. What would you sugest? How should the goverment spend the money?


I suggest people on public assistance should not be allowed to vote. That will eliminate politicians buying votes with taxpayer's money.  That will make politicians "earn" the vote of the people that make the economy strong instead of partially or completely ignoring them. I think that is the only change necessary to solve the problem completely.

If people value their right to vote, they will avoid public assistance or or get off as soon as possible. If they do not value their right to vote, they can (as far as I am concerned) stay on public assistance as long as they do not vote for the people making the policies and laws regarding public assistance.

We do not let under age people vote because they are irresponsible. People on public assistance, to some extent, have befallen circumstances that have put then in a position they are unable to take care of themselves, thus the government picks up part or all of the tab for their living expenses. If welfare recipients are allowed to vote, the person receiving the money is allowed to tell the giver of the money how much money to give the receiver. No "employee" should be allowed to be in charge of the "employer's" check book.


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