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12/10/01 4:20:44 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< "allemansrätten" = "all mans right" >>
Interesting principal ... but I find the idea of someone living on my 

I'm not talking about any one living on the property. I'm talking abuot that big areas 
can mot be seald of. The nature belongs to everyone. Even wild berryd does. 
Trespassing don't exist. Just don't go to close to where other people lives. Their 
privacy is not to be desturbed.

 without my permission a little unsettling at the least -- Especially 
since I'm the one that has to make the property payments and pay the taxes on 

But people passing or picking a blackberry or two? Would that pass your property in 
danger? And wouldn't you be able to take a stroll in the nature without some one gets 
afraid you will wear out his ground in the middle of the forrest?

§( :8-)

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