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There is a lot of intelligent people in the world. Some of them hardly have food to eat, but they are difficult to see as they are dressed as everybody else, and very few of them are so stupid that they can't add two and two togeather and therefore they vote for a party that's not going to favour only the rich.

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Hey buddy I AM THE POOR janice
Then, janice, why do you argue against your own interests? Why are the corporations myths about people yours? I agree that there are a lot of bums and idiots in the world but there are an ininte larger number of honest people that get in trouble if the social agenda of the rich and powerful will be allowed to take over. Some of President Bush's acitons show this beyond doubt.
The patience that a society needs to endure and try and try agains to make the bums to honest citizen is demanding, but the other way of dealing with the problem leads in most countrys to caos. In the poor countrys of africa no social programs excist. There the agenda of the rich and powerful is allowed to work in full freedom. The only way to survive for those that don't have friends and relatives to help is starvation or illigal activity. You don't really want the USA to go down that path? If not there has to be a ballance.

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