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In a message dated 12/11/01 4:28:54 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< LG: "..... but WHY should I have to get a "permit" to build on my own 
land. As long as I'm following the land use restrictions for my property -- 
WHY should I have to get the county's permission??? Having to do that is an 
infringement on my personal freedom." >>
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- -
 --Not really. This rule is probably wise. Not all people, even if they are 
farmers, have allways the sence to not build in the wrong place so far as 
neigbours see it. Normally this is no problem, but this rule can not be 
formed as only a demand permit when there is problems.
 I think that there must be a chance to check on before hand. As a result 
maybe the farmer can aviod a lot of trouble to be forced  to moov an already 
buildt barn to a better place. It's no big deal, I hope, to get this permit 
if your'e not disturbing any one? >>
You missed my main point: "As long as I'm following the land use restrictions 
for my property" ... Land use restrictions would cover all of that.

And as I said -- we have no need of a new barn, so I've never made any 
attempt to find out what would be involved in getting a permit to build one. 


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