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Why is this arguing only about social costs? Taxes are used to pay for a lot of other tings that the state and the communities are responsible to pay for and that need a lot bigger sums from the taxpayer and that you may not agree with either. Do you want to get all this reduced too? What will be left of the good society if all those things that is the buildingstones of a good society if they, as you wish, are reduced to a minimum and thereby works a lot worse? As someone else asked: Are we going back to the time of Dickens?

§( :8-)

I have no problem paying taxes for all those things. I think there should be help for anyone who is truly sick or injured from an illness or an accident. I give money to charities also. I give any things I no longer need to charities. I help children with no parents or with bad parents learn to read on the weekends. I help out at the Veterans home here reading to the men and writing letters for them and some sewing, but I am not to good at that. But I refuse to sit quietly by while my government encourages people to be lazy and take drugs. There is a whole industry building up around this problem. And if some people get good paying government jobs taking care of bums and drug addicts I can tell you now, that they will make sure there are MORE bums and drug addicts to keep those good jobs. Then they will want their daughter or son to get one of those good jobs and then you will need more bums. I would rather the government produce jobs in some less destructive way. It would be better for the country AND the bums. If no one says anything it will just get worse. Most people don't want to be bothered worrying about it. Then I WILL DO SOMETHING. Is this wrong to want what is best for the country? Everyone always thinks of the money. There are principles here.janice
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