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excellent lesson Jim
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Sent: Monday, December 17, 2001 7:32 AM
Subject: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: SV: {W&P} Poor People

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> > In a message dated 12/16/01 7:12:20 PM Pacific Standard Time,
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> > << The vikings were not very nice people, >>
> > _________________________________________
> > Awww... they weren't THAT bad ... they were one of the few peoples of
> > time that bathed and washed their clothes and they did an amazing job of
> > exploring all over the place, establishing trade routes and opening new
> > country. Some of their customs were a tad unusual, but all-in-all I
> > they were a pretty neat people.
> >
> > LG
> _____________________________________
> OK. When it comes to the impact in the world by the vikings! Considdering
that the population in Sweden was 300.000. To that comes the vikings in
Norway and Denmark. To Denmark in those days belonged also the south of the
present Sweden where I live, so we were danes until about 350 years ago.
> >From Norway the vikings went west to Iceland, Greenland (their name of
the place and even to New Foundland 500 years before Columbus. Their
settlement has been found.
> >From Denmark and south Sweden their travels went southwest to England,
the coasts of France, around Spain and into the Med that way. On the way
they even sailed up the river Seine and, as the only force to have done so,
plundered Paris.
> >From the eastern - northern Sweden the travels went east to the Baltic
(where there already since long time excisted settlements for trade), then
further on rivers, the ships dragged over land between rivers and all the
way to Isambul and probably further yet into the eastern part of the Med.
> As the vikings were not only fighters, they were traders and handicraftmen
if plundering was not desired, a lot of settlements were established. This
includes the Capital of Ireland, Dublin, that was founded by vikings. The
remains of the first viking settlement has been found and excavated near the
Dublin harbour. In the end there was viking settlements from New Foundland
in the west to the inner Russia in the east. The russian sttlements has just
reasently begun to be investigated. The communists didn't wanted to know if
they were related to vikings.
> The part of France, called Normandie (north mens land), was given to the
viking tribe by a french king nicknamed "the dumb" (wich he was not) as the
agreement included the this viking tribe under the viking chief Gånge Rolf
stopped others to sail up the Seine. During the cermony it was expected that
Gånge Rolf would kiss the kings foot, but bend the back was not easy for a
viking chief. He reached down, lifted his mafestys foot up to his face
(that, the story tells, was higher up that most mens) and the french majesty
fell backwords, but nothingwas said about that as they found out that nobody
had told Gånge Rolf how this was supposed to be done.
> How could these vikings have such an impact? The big advantage was the
viking longships and their sailing capacity. In a time (1000 yers ago) when
most seatravelling nations were building ships that at their best looked
like scaled up bathtubs these longships could reach speeds that those other
southern shipbuilders only could dream of. They were fast, could take a big
load and were oceangoing. They could in a regular way travel the Baltic, The
North Sea and the Atlantic ocean. A surprice attac from the vikings came
fast, fierce and without mercy in those days. But since those days there
have been no slaves (trälar) in Scandinavia.
> Claes
> §( :8-)
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