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> > Annan urges States to ratify war crimes court's
> statute,
> > as preparatory panel ends session
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> This is the outfit that will supposedly be able to
> try our military and sieze 
> our guns, Right?
> Lawana

The International Criminal Court would be able to
charge American soldiers, poltical office holders and
ordinary citizens with "war crimes" based on very slim
probable cause and with no regard whatsoever for
national sovereignty and US constitutional

President Clinton could be charged with a crime for
our involvement in Kosovo, for example. Gen. Franks
could be accused by some Taliban sympathizer and
grabbed for a "trial."

I have very little use for Clinton but I'd fight to
prevent foreigners from coming onto US soil to arrest

Americans don't need to worry about that sort of thing
too much. The US Senate refused to ratify our
involvement in it when Clinton signed it. President
Bush, thank Heaven, is going to rescind Clinton's

Still, Americans who set foot outside of US
jurisdiction might still be abducted and hauled before
an international lynch mob masquerading as a court.

Al Winslow

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