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> > Highly emotional people sometimes make extreme accusations against 
> > political figures when it's merely a matter of disagreement about 
> > policy. Kissinger's role in the conduct of the Vietnam War remains a 
> > matter of discussion. No rational person could consider him a war 
> > criminal. -- AW
> I tend to agree with you here. I have a very distant memory of this. It 
> was uttered by a female, but I can't even remeber if it was in swedish 
> or English.
> However, this exchange of messages started with another subject: 
> warlords or war criminals, and a centence that implied that 
> international law shuld not apply to americans. Something that made me 
> jump. I'm sorry, but americans don't come into this, really. I think 
> that you are a bit too tuchy about criticism and jumped the conclusions. 
> But at the moment you are, and have been for some time, dealing with 
> some of those war lords and war criminals in Afganistan and are doing a 
> good job so far.
> However, it's not over. Tribalism is a big force. It's as old as 
> humanity and as the first human flocks wandering the plains of old 
> Afica.
> Take a look at as many of the wars and other unrests taking place around 
> the globe with "tribalism" in your mind and I think you will find the 
> real reason for the trouble.
> If two tribes with diffrent history, different religions and different 
> ways of life are claiming the same peace of land? They will hardly ever 
> see things alike. That's Israel and Palestinians for you.
> If the members in a smaller tribe - aware of the global implications - 
> is too small for having an impact on global scale and still want to make 
> a mark in the global society it has to unite and work togeather with 
> others. It's not easy.
> If USA was a number of countrys (50 or more) where all had their own, 
> and from the other 49, different languages (as it is in Europe) 
> cooperation would be complicated and there would be no USA but 50 
> different countrys (or tribes).
> In Europe, we in Sweden (the Swedish tribe) are living in the north 
> outskirts with less people than New York. Still I thnk we have been 
> leaving some footprints in the world. (e.g. ASEA, Ericson, Volvo, SKF 
> for but some examples). To cooperate with the tribes in the rest of 
> Europe is a reasonable compromise instead of trying to teach people in 
> the world that we are not Swizerland. We better work within a bigger 
> organization lika EU (a conglomerat of tribes). It's just forming, but 
> give it time and a common language. That language will be English, I 
> think, althoug the Germans and, most furious, the French are protesting. 
> When the countrys in the east (the former Warzawpacts unwilling 
> partners) join EU I think the english will grow even more. None of them 
> expect that hungarian or polish will be the common language and they are 
> all trying to learn english.
> Take this picture a little bit longer into the future. The western world 
> then (in 20 - 30 years?) concists of two big parts (USA/Canada and EU) 
> with a common language, with a lot of the technical knowledge in common 
> and, except for, maybe, Japan, ruling the economy for the rest of the 
> world. USA is already close to that situation.
> No wonder that the fundmentalists (that preferes the year 600 B.C.) in 
> the other tribes, panics.
> Claes Persson
> ( :8-)

Americans who commit war crimes will not go free, nor will the US be in 
violation of international law. 

National sovereignty isn't a dead concept. No international body can 
lawfully force a duly constituted, internationally recognized country to 
give up control of its internal affairs  and jurisdiction over its own 
citizens while they are in their own country. 

The US is not going to join the International Crimnal Court. That's a 
sovereign nation's choice to make for itself. 

If any other country or internation body wishes to prosecute a US 
citizen they can petition our courts and work through the extradition 
process that has existed for years.

Your "tribalsm" theme, while interesting, is a bit beyond my reach. I'm 
afraid my mundane mind doesn't stray far beyond the nuts-and-bolts of 
today's politics. I'm probably a primitive tribsman myself.  ;-)

Al Winslow

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