Claes Persson wrote:

> I do think that we have a general obligation to meet arguments of that 
> kind and take them down in order to stop other people to spend time and 
> effort spreading this. It's superstition.
> But unlike you I have found no reason to think that there must be any 
> intelligence or any other entity that is resposible for that life of all 
> those different beings on this planet excist. The DNA has been 
> responsible for the development via the evolution and lots and lots of 
> time. We are all, every kind of lifeform on earth, at the mercy of the 
> experimenting DNA molecule. Darwin explained that a long time ago. Now 
> that insight is of course not enough for most people (witch is the 
> reason for that this nonsence of creation is still spread. They would 
> like to think that we humans have been created for a special reason and 
> with a special purpose that makes them feel more important. We, a 
> lifform on a small planet that rotates around a small yellow midget sun 
> in the outskirt of one of billion galaxies - the milky way. They also 
> want to think that there is more. As humans we realise that life has not 
> only a start, it has unfortunatelly also an end. That's for sure.
> Common for all religions is the comfort that they tell the story of a 
> life after death in one form or another, but usually only for those that 
> beleive in the right faith - all of them. In my mind this is diception 
> in order for the priests to be able to keep their flock around them. Big 
> organisations have been created for this pupose and for collecting 
> fortunes.
> A person - any person- cought in a religion is not free in his or hers 
> mind. It's locked up In some religions they are severly punished if they 
> would dare to express any doubt in the priests explanations. The tribe 
> kills him or her that dare to express any other idea or question than 
> what is given as a religious rule.
> Look at all the places where unrest is going on and you will find that 
> there are always a part of religious war going on. And for what? As 
> there are no such thins as a god nor satan nor heaven nor hell. It's 
> invented for religious reasons, so are people not mad? Yes they are and 
> with their thinking locked up.
> Claes Persson
> ( :8-)
>  ----------------------------

I try not to go too far into discussions of God. It's hard for me to 
imagine that intelligence just slowly emerged from the primordial soup 
without there being a pre-existing intelligence. If I'm part of the 
universe and I have a degree of intelligence there's intelligence in the 
But I don't have anything specific to add to that. Nothing around which 
to build a cathedral, I might say.

How religion has impacted on politics and society is another question 
that I don't mind kicking around a bit. Religion has come in handy from 
time to time to help keep things orderly. "Thou shalt not steal, commit 
murder...etc., etc. or you'll burn in etenal hell.[or whatever]" It 
could work.

Too bad when people start believing that their own dismal superstition 
means they have to kill people who have a different superstition.

Al Winslow

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