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I will make a go at it. In a sentence you are first very surprized that I think that religious people have their minds locked. In the next entence you explain that one just have to go out to look at the sky and the sunshine to se that there must be a God. I would say that you have to make your mind up.

First, you need a refresher course is English. Second, you need to pay closer attention to what has actually been written, not what you "Think" has been written.

I did NOT say, "
one just have to go out to look at the sky and the sunshine to se that there must be a God." ... What I did say was How can one NOT Believe that there must be something, somewhere ... some divine spark that caused all of "This" to happen. To understand the word "This" ... step outside, open your eyes and really look at what's in front of you. The Earth is *just the right distance* from the Sun, is tilted at *just the right angle* and rotates at *just the speed* for the optimum sustaining of life. All an accident ... the diversity of life around us -- the way an egg develops into a human being ... or a chicken ... and the complete instructions are all encoded in a little strand of DNA. What is it -- 96-98% of our DNA is identical with the DNA of other living organism? Yet that minor 2-4% can determine what you are, what you look like, the illnesses you might have and pass on to others ... all of this is just an accident -- it just "happened". There is no watchmaker -- only the watch.

No rhyme or reason -- no meaning -- just an "accident" according to you ... So WHY should people have to obey laws, or be nice to one another, or care for their young or aged, or allow decency and honor and respect to interfere with their lives ... if life is just an accident with no meaning to it. According to you, we're born, we party, we use and abuse at will if it pleasures us and we die ... If there's no meaning, rhyme or reason for our existance on this planet -- then there's no reason not to do just exactly that! And life wouldn't be worth living!

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