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Well not to make a long thread out of this but Luwannas reply had to do with
his command of English and that was all my reply was addressed to not to her
or Clauses content. I thought her comment about needing English lessons was
a cheap shot and that was the intended thrust of my message Jim

It was a cheap shot ... I had a bad day and I was tired of explaining myself over and over and being constantly misunderstood, accused of being stupid, blind to the "truth" as someone else sees it, and a bunch of other things, both said and implied. So the female claws came out and I took a swipe. Which is an impolite thing to do, and as a lady, I should have known better. I'm sorry.


PS: It's L"a" not L"u" ... Lawana is an indian name meaning, depending on which side of the Rockies you're standing on, Deep Valley or Wild Flower. I don't know what, or if, Luwana means anything, but lack of knowledge should result in extra caution in case it requires a bow & arrow response.  :)

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