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It's a good try, but I think it differs just as much from the original as if I would try to translate your french text (I better don't try, I don't dare). Interresting story though. ;-)

I'm sorry ... I meant to send the translation then promptly forgot. I typed it in English, then went to the Systrans website and got the French version I sent in the e-mail:

Je pense que je suis voie à vieux d'apprendre le danois.
---> I think I'm way to old to learn Danish.

Mais je lui donnerais un entrer en français si vous voudriez.
---> But I'd give it a go in French if you'd like.

Je l'ai étudié dans le lycée beaucoup, il y a beaucoup d'années.
---> I studied it in high school many, many years ago.

Il pourrait être sage de se confiner aux expressions plus simples cependant…
---> It might be wise to confine ourselves to the more simple phrases though ...

Je ne sais pas réussi ce système serait en manipulant les phrases plus compliquées que nous utilisons normalement.
---> I don't know how successful this system would be in handling the more complicated sentences we use normally.

Mais, naturellement, c'est juste une suggestion sur ma partie.
---> But, of course, that's just a suggestion on my part.

Et nous pouvons toujours nous demander des traductions si nous devons…
---> And we can always ask each other for translations if we have to ...

Ainsi -- êtes-vous prêt à lui donner le vieil essai d'université ?
---> So -- are you ready to give it the old college try?

(who really did take French in school -- but it was a long time ago and it was NOT my best subject.  LOL!)

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