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>     Many of the different spicies evolved has not survived, only the fittest 
>     and those that are best adapted to live on, or to keep themselves alive.
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>   That being said ... is it not wrong, then, to try so hard to keep 
>   species alive that are not able to adapt and survive on their own? If we 
>   do, are we not going against Mother Nature and upsetting the natural 
>   order of things?
>   Lawana
>   That, Lawana, depends on the reason for that specie having problems to 
>   survive. Humans can not, as they are too dominent, be considdered just 
>   beeing a part of the natural order. Rather as a cancer to this planet.
>   To protect spicies of fish as they otherwise will be extinct beacuse of 
>   humans very effective fishingmachines is a demand that has to be met or 
>   it's we that change the natural order. If nothing ever is done, nothing 
>   but humans will remain. That's not enough for having a living planet. A 
>   balance in order to not interfere in the natural order is needed also to 
>   ensure human survival.
>   Claes
>   ( :8-)

Well said, Claes.  I was expecting some logical responses from you on 
this topic, and your replies confirm my suspicions... that you are the 
normal one on this List.

Seems... everyone needs a photocopy of this or that and not realizing 
that the finished paper, pulp, tree, soil, water, sunshine have got to 
come from somewhere.  Sumatra (plus neighboring isles of Indonesia) is 
being deforested to feed the appetites of Japan and China.  Europe and 
the USA deforest the Cameroon and French Guyana and Brazilian rain 
forests for their paper appetites.

For every Sunday Edition of USA newspapers, 500,000 trees are felled and 
only 150,000 are replaced.  We can thank the Hearst Family for this 
contribution to the Resource Deficit of divide-and-conquer.

The Hemp Plant is the natural answer, and is a renewable resource, and 
high-paying jobs would be the net result.  Farmers would have a 
$200-per-acre payout after taxes, the tractors would run on hemp-fuel 
(non-polluting) and too boot, the tractor would be made from hemp fiber, 
for the most part.  Remember, Henry Ford, constructed a car made from 
hemp fibers.

In the olden days, pre-1937, hemp fiber was the wave of the future... 
until Mr. Randolph Hearst decided/mandated that His Newspapers would be 
printed from Tree Pulp and Not from Hemp Pulp.  Millions of jobs could 
be had from Hemp Production (plant-based), but this would require the 
Government to rescind the War On Drugs, namely Marijuana (Hemp Cousin) 
to bring about the Sea-Change necessary.

And me thinks this is doubtful, considering the Democrat and Republican 
Party politics playing-off against one another.  Both political parties 
are rotten and nothing will change as long as no 3rd Party organizes and 
presents a competent Offense to the American people, whom I consider to 
be, near brain-dead and ultimately -- spoiled.

America has no Courageous Leaders at the present, and this will, in my 
estimation, lead to a Dictatorship of the Right.  'Democracy' is 
wonderful sounding... all have lead the common people down the road to 
"me first" and "your vote counts" and such noble talk that translates 
into..."Trust Government" -- they will do the thinking for you.

Corporate sponsorship of Presidential Debates determines who gets "in" 
and who, Ralph Nader and Patrick Buchanan and lesser Schleps, remain on 
the "out"-side looking in.

Thanks Claes, for the Common-Sense approach, To Preserve and Protect the 
Environment from all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.



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