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To protect spicies of fish as they otherwise will be extinct beacuse of humans very effective fishingmachines is a demand that has to be met or it's we that change the natural order. If nothing ever is done, nothing but humans will remain. That's not enough for having a living planet. A balance in order to not interfere in the natural order is needed also to ensure human survival.

If you mean the big commercial ships that go out, I agree. They take way more than their share and they harm a lot of other species in the process with their nets that drag miles behind the boats. I'd like to see them banned from all the oceans. But theres a movement afoot here in the states to tear down dams to restore the fish runs. And I don't agree with that at all. There's plenty of streams below the dams (I'm refering specifically to the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon) that fish runs could be established on that wouldn't cause a loss of  hydroelectric generating power or flood control.  I'm all for saving the whales and the salmon, but I want to save people too.


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