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Al Winslow wrote:

> It definitely is my choice. I'm pleased that the Senate and the 
> President have chosen not to join this assault on national sovereignty. 
> Any American who is _in_ America can be extradited to be prosecuted, 
> just as it has always been. It has to be done through US courts where 
> evidence has to be presented under rules that protect the accused 
> individual. We are not going to allow foreigners to sweep aside our 
> hard-won protections of accused citizens.
> The trouble will come when an American is kidnapped in some foreign 
> country to be tried in The Netherlands for alledged crimes committed in 
> still another country. For example, a US citizen is grabbed in Belgium 
> to be tried in Holland for alledged crimes committed in South Africa.
> How the US will react to such an act is unknown. I hope it never happens 
> because there are many Americans who would consider such abduction of 
> Americans to be tried under a treaty to which we are not a party to be 
> an act of war.

--It's the words of an arrogant superpower. As I said: You have to live with it and 
live with what people in the rest of the world think of such a stand. End of subject.

Claes Persson
( :8-)

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