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> Once upon a time I owned many volumes of the poetry of Robinson Jeffers. 
> Bits and pieces of his work can be found on the web. I thought I'd send 
> one since we seem to be in a mood for poetry. The cosmology expressed in 
> "The Great Explosion" may or may not be fashionable. Still, this piece 
> speaks to me.
> Al Winslow
> USA  
> -----------------
>        The Great Explosion
> The universe expands and contracts like a great heart. 
> It is expanding, the farthest nebulae 
> Rush with the speed of light into empty space. 
> It will contract, the immense navies of stars and galaxies, dust clouds 
> and nebulae 
> Are recalled home, they crush against each other in one harbor, they 
> stick in one lump 
> And then explode it, nothing can hold them down; there is no way to 
> express that explosion; all that exists 
> Roars into flame, the tortured fragments rush away from each other into 
> all the sky, new universes 
> Jewel the black breast of night; and far off the outer nebulae like 
> charging spearmen again 
> Invade emptiness. 
>  No wonder we are so fascinated with 
>           fireworks 
> And our huge bombs: it is a kind of homesickness perhaps for the howling 
> fireblast that we were born from. 
> But the whole sum of the energies 
> That made and contain the giant atom survives. It will 
>    gather again and pile up, the power and the glory-- 
> And no doubt it will burst again; diastole and systole: the whole 
> universe beats like a heart. 
> Peace in our time was never one of God's promises; but back and forth, 
> live and die, burn and be damned, 
> The great heart beating, pumping into our arteries His terrible life. 
> He is beautiful beyond belief. 
> And we, God's apes--or tragic children--share in the beauty. We see it 
> above our torment, that's what life's for. 
> He is no God of love, no justice of a little city like Dante's Florence, 
> no anthropoid God 
> Making commandments,: this is the God who does not care and will never 
> cease. Look at the seas there 
> Flashing against this rock in the darkness--look at the tide-stream 
> stars--and the fall of nations--and dawn 
> Wandering with wet white feet down the Caramel Valley to meet the sea. 
> These are real and we see their beauty. 
> The great explosion is probably only a metaphor--I know not --of 
> faceless violence, the root of all things. 
> --Robinson Jeffers 

Al, this is a very good and poetic explanation of the Big Bang.


( :8-)

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