> --I sometimes get surprised and feel somthing for a poem, however it's 
> rather rare so I'm no poetryspecialist and is therefore not the best in 
> order to judge poetry.
> Now I will prove it:
> The poet has of course the freedom to use poetic metafores to describe 
> what he feels. That gives a special flavour to the language and an 
> association maze with double bottoms (if not tripple ones or more). A 
> poetic description of anything can not, however, be read word for word. 
> It has to be understood that it's not describing the actual reality. He 
> gives a poetic picture of it.
> The gravity has been named God. Quite a genius stroke of his pen as the 
> gravity is everywhere in the universe. If has all mass in the universe 
> is under the treatment of the gravity and is also responsible for the 
> last Big Bang and for the one before that and for the next. At first it 
> was thougt that all the mass in the universe was not enough for the 
> gravity to turn the procedure to turn and retraction to start (then it 
> would just go on expanding for ever, but I think that latelly the 
> calculations of the "dark" mass (there is a lot of mass in the universe 
> beside the bright stars) made clear that the mass is big enough for 
> that.
> So this poet, Jeffers, has made a genius stroke of his pen. As he says: 
> gravity is indifferent to the effects of it's handling of the universal 
> masses.
> Claes Persson
> ( :8-)

So we can explain the universe with all its intricacies, including the 
minds of Plato, Shakespeare and Einstein with the word "gravity?"

Saying that it "just happened" leaves a great many questions unanswered.

There's a serious question to be asked about WHY it all came together in 
the exact way it did. 

That the question cannot be fully answered does not make it an 
unimportant question.

"Gravity" as a substitute for "God" does not provide a satisfying end to 
the questioning.

Al Winslow

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