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 Site of the Day

  May 21, 2002
The Cave of Lascaux

How about a trip to the northern slopes of the Pyrenees, noted for an exceptional concentration of Paleolithic caves, the most renowned being Lascaux!  Click on any of the introductory cave paintings for your cyber tour of the 'Cave of Lascaux.'  As with most antiquities, the carbon dioxide in human breath caused deterioration to the artwork, so thanks to modern technology, this virtual tour is the only tour available since 1963 when the cave was closed to the public.  You'll have access to the history of Lascaux, information on the discovery of the cave, and of course, the room-by-room tour where you can actually examine the drawings and meet unicorns, aurochs, and other equally fascinating and sometimes extinct species.  After your trip, be sure to caution the children that painting on the walls is not allowed; these early cave inhabitants were so privileged because they did not have paper and canvas as we do for their artwork!

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