Claes Persson wrote:

> Just some thoughts:
> It seems as the greed is going to win - again. Those vultures have been 
> cirkling this tiny half-island for years. Sometimes makeing deals with 
> the inhabitants, sometimes with each others and neglecting the 
> inhabitants.
> Now they are independent? Can any one country be independent in the 
> globalization age? Will this little nation get a fair deal?
> Ok. The islanders may get a little more to put on the table if they are 
> lucky. But not beacuse the kind corporations let them, only if the 
> corporations can not get nearly all for them selves. Then who is going 
> to stop the vulters from getting nealy all? It must be a very good 
> businessman to do that. And he better have an army, a navy and an 
> airforce behind him to back him up.
> None of the corporations are interrested in the people. The people is 
> just a complication. Only the money counts and they follow the saying 
> here in the south of Sweden:
> Business is business and if you can fool some one (or a nation) then 
> that's business too.
> Claes Persson
> ( :8-)


Okay. Leave the oil and gas in the ground. A lot of good it will do the 
people of East Timor in the ground.

Is it some religious belief that causes you to think an oil company 
should go risk its wealth to explore for oil without trying to make  the 
maximum profit?

Feel free to start an oil drilling operation that doesn't seek profit, 
if you like. There's no grounds for expecting the shareholders of 
existing profit-seeking coporations to do the same. We don't all have 
your religious fervor for charity work.


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