> I am forwarding a printed copy of this to the FBI> There are numbers in 
> here 
> I have never seen before.


Janice posted the above -- September, 29, 2001.


Hmmm.  Maybe I should have read this part of the thread first before 
going on the way I did.  Oh well, Life's a bitch and she's back in heat. 
[don't tell my wife i uttered that phrase]  Such were the days just 
after 9-11.  How soon we forget that there is a "War On Terror" going 

Hey, hey, LBJ -- how many boys did you kill today? [Vietnam - what a 
beautiful choice]

Are we a warmongering nation or what?

ps- Is dissent legal anymore?



warning: It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

fight the power


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