> In a message dated 6/21/02 12:40:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
> > Why can people not grow up and see that this thing, religion, stops the 
> > humanity from thinking free. All religions! It locks up the mind to 
> > certain 
> > references. Wrong input gives wrong output!
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> Grow up to what -- anarchy? (Anarchy being the absence or denial of any 
> authority or established order)
> I thought the idea was to move forward on the evolutionary scale -- not 
> backwards.
> Lawana


 I'm not a member of any church or organized religion. I don't think any 
of them have the answers I'm seeking. At the same time I am completely 
tolerant of any religion that doesn't deliberately impinge on my life. 
If it makes someone feel better to go to a certain building on a certain 
day of the week and indulge in ritual and song for their personal peace 
and comfort that's fine with me. When religions get violently political, 
such as the current Islamic radicals are doing, then they are my enemy. 
Before somebody mentions Jerry Falwell or my neighbor, Pat Robertson, 
let me hasten to add that neither of those guys advocates suicide 
bombings for the sake of their beliefs. That makes all the difference to 
me. Pat and jerry are free to believe anything they like as long as they 
don't try to blow me up for not beliveing it too. They are nice fellows 
who wouldn't think of doing anything like that. I can't say the same of 
Mr. bin Laden and his pals. There you have the problem that arises when 
religion gets too  mixed in with politics and with psychopathology. They 
don't leave you much choice in how to deal with them, do they? BTW, I do 
believe in God, but I'm not going to tell anyone what that means to me 
and I say that no church or religion that i've heard of quite has it 
right, for me. 

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