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> Sure, read it twice, once high school & other time during the Gulf 
> War... and it is a piece of BS!  All the Security Resolutions that are 
> "binding" are the ones to watch out for.  
> Well, the Supreme Court is packed with a bunch of people selected 
> (confirmed) by an "elected" Senate.  Done read a lot of Robert Bork's 
> writing -- now here is one interesting fellow.  He was given the shaft, 
> by an array of special interests (org's) who are tax-free cheats -- very 
> few are "legit" org's.
> Back to now - preferred the way the Senate used to be, before 1913 - 
> Then, the individual Senator, was selected by the State Legislature and 
> Governor.  Keeps the $$$ Action and "deliberation" at the States Rights 
> level, meaning that the Senator is not swayed by winds of change such as 
> polls showing that the Senator would "lose" to candidate -X- of the 
> Opposition Party.
> One other example would be that - "some crazies" blew up the Model A 
> Ford Plant in Michigan, and should? the US Gov't -Declare War- on 
> Country -X- and blast them to smithereens?  The pre-1913 Senator would 
> consult with the State Legislature (gain a resolution) & Governor 
> (executive plea to raise taxes) and *see* if there is a sense of the 
> people to fight it to the end, win or lose.
> Fighting other peoples civil wars is absolute bonkersville -- and why 
> the USA is part of the UN scheme to blur National Borders i don't "get". 
>  Keep US Soldiers defending This Country and stop sending them 
> "overseas" to fight Corporation Wars.
> Put KEN LAY (Enron), on the next flight to Belgium, and maybe the ICC 
> Court can shake the money out, and repay the investors (moms, pops, 
> employees) and some Real Justice will come of it.
> With Dems and Repubs as the "only" Corporate Sponsored Game In Town -- 
> as a signatory nation to the "rules" of the UN, the US Gov't is already 
> Treaty Bound by the decision (whim) of the Security Council.
> No Veto Power by the Permanent Members, which are, France, Great 
> Britain, Red China, Russia, USA, on this ICC Creature of the UN.
> 67 Member States have "approved" the ICC -- and this is all it takes, to 
> "breathe life" into, This Creature.  I don't see any Corporations 
> (corpses) objecting to this -- and I don't hear any "super wealthy" 
> (rockefellers, for example) raising any stink about it.  So, this leads 
> me to the conclusion, that there is a "concerted effort" to subjugate 
> the American Citizen to the Old Money of European Intrigue.
> Our Defense Dollars at work - causing mayhem in countries world-wide - 
> in 20th Century (50 countries) - and now, in the 21st Century in 
> Afghanistan, Colombia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Georgia (Gog), Yemen, etc.
> While our southern border with Mexico, brings in the Commie, Nazi, cuban 
> cigars, coke, migrants, rare birds, etc.  Putting a 100-thousand troops 
> would do nothing but cause even more killing.
> Nothing against "religion" but -- the Vatican swath "controls 
> everything" from Mexico to the tip of Argentina, with the exception of 
> British Honduras.  The mindset is to do as the Pope says to do because 
> superstition is what drives these countries peoples (generalization, i 
> know).  Once, when we were in Brazil, the rumor (on a regular basis) 
> sweeping the area, was that The Virgin Mary Herself, had made an 
> "Appearance" in somebodys back yard, so people from far-and-wide showed 
> up, and of course, money collection - was the norm.  The local "priest" 
> had the baskets passed around the "prostrate" crowd.
> So, Americans are being "led around" by -???-, for what purposes?  All 
> these American Presidents come and go, but more and more Senate Treaties 
> are the end result of... The Game Played On The American People.  GATT, 
> NAFTA, Kyoto Protocol, Yadda This, Yadda That, War To End All Wars, 
> Where's The Beef?, China Card, Law Of The Sea Treaty, UN Environment 
> Land Reserves.
> Oh well, George Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, stole Geronimo's 
> Skull, secreted it to Yale, and "it" now resides at the Skull And Bones 
> Building, with taxpayer support thru the 501(c)(3) laws.
> The USA will be under the UN - ICC Jurisdiction - beginning on July 1, 
> 2002 - whether the USA Gov't likes it or not.
> I don't like it, but what is a Small Fry like me, to do?
> The Senate is bought and paid for... by the Corporation, who control 
> both Major Parties.  So that "avenue" is out! as an option.
> The Individual States have been by-passed, the Senate is now "elected" 
> by "popular" vote.  The Corporations front "candidates" for both Dems 
> and Repubs in the free-and-fair "election" (wink-wink).
> UN Charter - what a beautiful choice.

You covered a lot of territory there. The selecting of senators by 
popular vote was not a good move. It's part of the slow push toward mob 
rule. People are poorly educated in the government schools and they buy 
a lot of political snakeoil. The UN is another bad idea. You have too 
many subjects there for me to comment on all of them right now. Maybe we 
can break them down separately sometime soon.

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