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Subject: RE: {W&P} SV: Vietnam charges ex-Senator Bob Kerrey with war crimes

rod christine wrote:
> Yes, my thoughts exactly!
> ex-Senator Kerrey will be the ideal specimen to nail to the wall.  The 
> dude is already on the defensive and the "mainstream press" is dong the 
> usual "blackout" of news coverage on the issue.
> Hopefully, the days of the US Government going into any country and 
> bombing, poisoning, assassinating anyone at will, is kaput, nada, over, 
> done with.
> I'd like to live to see all my grandkids grow up to be responsible 
> adults and "doing something" worthwhile -  than sitting around playing 
> video games till age 30.  Before realizing that life is but a flash in 
> the sky - and all is nought when the spark of life in them is but a 
> memory to take to the grave.
> I wouldn't blame the rest of the world - if they "ganged up" on the USA, 
> and bombed (nuked?) them back to the Stone Age - seriously.
> Who would then fill the "Power Vacuum"?  I dunno.
> Not to end this note on a down-side.
> Have a wonderful day, Claes.
> Regards,
> Rod

Thank you. I had a good day hunting for computercables in order to connect my printer 
to my other (pentium 4 1.5 GHz) computer. However it didn't get all right and that 
gives me an wxcuse to go to Helsingborg, Sweden (Just north of my home town) once more 
to morrow.

But I think that you worry too much about the american problem.

The problem is the same in all military and police forces. There are always a few 
rotten, triggerhappy eggs with too little jugment and too little empathy. The problem 
with this last one is not a military problem. It's a juridical one. A rotten egg must 
not get away with what ever he's done. No matter what force he has served in.

If he is getting away with it - this will drag down the american goodwill in the rest 
of the world a lot. First a rejection of international courts for war criminals as 
this must not be practised on an american citizen (even call this an action of war) 
and then a failure to take care of it in the american courts. That's the problem for 
the nationalists. And for America. But not for you or me personally.

( :8-)

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