Al Winslow wrote:
> rod/christine wrote:
> > 
> > ex-Senator Kerrey will be the ideal specimen to nail to the wall.  The 
> > dude is already on the defensive and the "mainstream press" is dong the 
> > usual "blackout" of news coverage on the issue.
> Bullshit. It has been reported fully in the papers and on TV.
> > 
> > Hopefully, the days of the US Government going into any country and 
> > bombing, poisoning, assassinating anyone at will, is kaput, nada, over, 
> > done with.
> > 
> > I wouldn't blame the rest of the world - if they "ganged up" on the USA, 
> > 
> > 
> > and bombed (nuked?) them back to the Stone Age - seriously.
> > 
> That's crazy. 


Well, of course it's an outlandish statement!  But then, why we building 
a Defense Shield in Alaska then?  Do you really think it is to stop the 
North Koreans - that we are feeding at the same time?  No, the largest 
threat is from Red China.  50 years ago, a short hot war was fought over 
a piece of land at the 38th parallel... anything been resolved?  Going 
ballistic (no, not That Al!) on Marxists one day, and feeding the masses 
the next day, only keeps your AR-15 in your hip pocket in a threatening 
posture for the world to see.

Or it is to bloat the Defense Industry with money to the Idea to keep 
the US in a perpetual state of war - not readiness.  The major media 
feeds the average American a daily dose of distorted reality on Bad 
Saddam & Nutcase Arafat.  Usama binLadin is in the background, but can 
be trotted out when the Administration needs an Old Bogeyman to stir up 
the mix for the next 30 years.

War goes on, and sooner or later, some country, or countries combined, 
are gonna knock the hell out of us.  The "meat" of our military is 
overseas - you really think the National Guard with its nuts and bolts, 
will have the means, to defend this Nation?

The USA is the best there is, in my little ol' opinion.  But running 
around the block with an AR-15 and an ammo can of ammunition will only 
last so long.  Eventually, The Korean Army that you and I are feeding 
with our tax money will overwhelm your AR-15.

Killing more and more people overseas will only exacerbate the problem 
and cause them to hate the American GOVERNMENT ever more so.

What were we doing in Vietnam?

Why were we there?

What were you doing - did you go?

You sound as if you were too young for Korea and too old for Vietnam...


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