rod/christine wrote:

> Tell me, then - were you serious when you suggested that the Americans 
> lob 10-12 (nuke-tipped) Tomahawks into Lebanon?
> Or were you jes' funnin' the list?

Nuclear weapons are an option. I'm not talking about "lobbing" nukes in 
a random way. The Bakaa Valley is full of terrorist encampments. 
10-megaton thermonuclear warheads wouldn't be appropriate, but areas 
could be bracketed with smaller warheads in the low-kiloton range, 
killing great numbers of evildoers and preventing their doing harm to 
our country. I expect the president will choose conventional forces but 
it could be done quicker and cheaper with a dozen Tomahawks carrying 
what they were originally designed to carry. Using 
million-dollar-per-copy cruise missiles to deliver piddly little 
800-pound conventional high explosive warheads doesn't get you much bang 
for the buck.    

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