Al Winslow, The Monkey wrote:
> Maybe it's the skull of a visitor from outer space. HaHaHaHa! -- AW


Well, lets see...

Eve's skull is missing.

old testament book - Esther's skull is missing.

(goddess) Diana's skull is missing.

(goddess) Virgin? Mary's skull is missing.

Outer space?!! - I've not studied up as some "space scientist" with 
access to the latest technological marvels for deciphering whence we 
came.  But just one comment, either everything "Big-Banged" from the 
Earth and created what we *see* -- OR -- something (everything) came 
from outer space and Seeded this planet Earth.

Where we now?!! - An animal species goes extinct every week.  Plant 
species go extinct at the rate of 10 per day.  There are 73 wars going 
on at present time.  The USA is crumbling from within.  There is a rush 
to Cede all Sovereignty to international treaties, GATT, NAFTA, NATO.  
ICC will be the Stake in the Heart.  Then, a quick descent into Chaos.  
Why? - heavy industry, textile, farm sector have been stripped away.

Where we going? - the Earth is traveling thru space at 1,000 
miles-per-hour.  A Roman Catholic Jesuit-devised "time change" occurred 
a few centuries ago - the Western Christians & Dominion follow this time 
train change...  So - the Maya Calendar gives us a date of December 
21-23, of 2012.

Red China will attack the USA well before that Time in Future History.

gorilla head and a female at that, huh, imagine that.

> ---------------------
> CBN News Extra
> July 16, 2002
>  Alleged Ancient Human Skull May Be Just a Gorilla Head 
> (CBN News)  A seven-million-year-old skull, thought to be the oldest 
> human remains ever found, is probably just an ancient female gorilla's 
> skull. The fossilized skull was discovered last year in the African 
> nation of Chad.
> A French scientist has told Reuters she believes the skull has the 
> characteristics of a gorilla, not a human. Two other French experts have 
> also cast doubt on the origins of the skull. 
> But the head of the archaeological team that discovered it will go ahead 
> and present his findings this week in France. He and other scientists 
> believe the skull is "the oldest hominid" and the closest specimen yet 
> to the evolutionary split between humans and apes.


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