Well, i wasn't around in 1923 when North Dakota did their thing.  Nor, 
in 1940, when most every (other) state adopted the Sullivan theory of 

Jesus's disciple pals had swords and knives (brass-knuckles?) helmets, 

When i'm out mending fences or some other menial task that involves the 
possible interaction with wild animals - badgers come to mind - always 
carry a holstered gun and a rifle or shotgun in the pickup.  Common 
sense.  North Dakota is a low-population agricultural state, so the 
chance that, for instances, armed intruders, thieves, fiends, 
murder-on-their-mind types, Bonnie & Clyde would be cool though.

Traveling (or vacationing) from state-to-state, one must call ahead to 
see if it is alright to travel with a concealed weapon.  Many highway 
robbers lie in wait for the unwary or unsuspecting soul and a "handy" 
gun is the equalizer for most Showdowns.

The overwhelming population are in the cities and their ever-present 
suburban sprawl - so the "gun question" takes on a different spin that 
i'm not too familiar with so i'll leave it at that.  The Feds should 
keep their "hooks off" - what individual States (citizens) decide to 
enact into law.  However, too many laws the way it is.  Enforce the 
present laws.

Gun Education & Handling should be mandatory "for all" in the public 
schools.  Somewhat on the Switzerland model maybe.

I had another take on this article but i've lost it (and can't recall at 
this time!)

Guns are good.

ps- This was a long article - yikes!



Al Winslow wrote:
> Fighting Back: Crime, Self-Defense and the Right to
> Carry a Handgun
> http://www.cato.org/pubs/pas/pa-284.html  
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