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> > > One Volk! One Reich! One Euro!
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> > The link don't work. It can not be found, but I think it shold be:
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> > Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Euro! written by Ein Idiot!
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> > Claes
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> The link works for me.  Greece is the genesis of the article.
> Rod

-Ok. I take back the previous comment. Now the server found the page.

The headline lead my thoughts astray, but I still think that the resemblence with the 
nazi area is a bit too far. Of course, as the integration contines something has to 
give in order to gain. I suppose that there are some differences between Main and New 
Olrleans on USA still? Not as much as there used to, but still some? The world is 
getting smaller and the contacts between its different parts more frequent. In the old 
days only the créme de la créme, the rich and powerful had a chance to see the other 
side of Europe. Only they could get away from work more than a day (sunday that had to 
include a visit ti the church).

To day most people can travel the continent, and those in the other part of the Europe 
are used to see visitors from many parts of the world, even. Maybe one day also Europe 
has been so integrated that we all speak the same language (if needed). The english 
language is already considdered to be the second language in Scandinavia. Why not in 
Greece? And a pc can just as well use kyrillic, greek, old german or simple Arial.

The Euro notes: I agree that they are too simple. They looks like notes from the game 
monopoly. Like toy money. However, as Sweden is not in that game yet I don't have to 
deal with them - yet. This lucky state will not last for ever, I'm afraid, and then 
the shopkeepers here will have an attac of greed as the greek shopkeepers have had, I 
think, but until then I'm lycky with the swedish krona. The Danes are lycky with the 
danish krone as well as Norway with their krone, althoght Norway is not in on anything 
(They have oil).

§( :8-)

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