> A person has to learn to think for themselves and not to blindly follow 
> the 
> crowd. The same logic applies to a country. 

That would be the end of the Left.

> The Kyoto Treaty is wrong, actually harmful, to the USA. It penalizes us 
> severely while giving a pass to other nations. And I think the whole 
> idea 
> behind it was to reign in our economy and hurt our nation while allowing 
> other nations to catch up and pass us.

Exactly correct! Red China, most notably.

> The ICC puts our citizens, soldiers and civilians, at the whim and mercy 
> of 
> our enemies with no upholding of our laws. 

Right again. There's no way the America-haters would give Americans a 
fair hearing. At the same time they will let various dictators who gas 
whole villages full of civilians go untouched. Slavers in Africa will 
keep on doing business as usual. 

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