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Lawana writes:
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> I think you're going on the false assumption that prior civilizations were 
> ecologically correct and only modern man has upset the natural balance.

---I'm doing nothing of the kind. A few hundred thousend humans in the old days mainly 
dependent on their own muscles makes very little impact on the biosphere, but 9 
BILLIONS with all the machines, cars, heating centrals and so on is quite a different 
matter. Yes. Only the modern man (and woman) has the potetial to upset the natural 
> Man today is more ecologically responsible than ever before. The only people 
> who need to be dragged screaming into protecting the environment are the 
> so-called "victims" of modern societies whose defense you so often leap to. 
> And the only people who are really persecuting them are their own leaders ... 
> (Idi Amin leaps immediately to mind) ... That's where you're going to find 
> most of this greed you keep referring to -- in the upper echelons of the 
> cultures you're so determined to protect.

Idi Amin was an idiot, but I think that his impact on the biosphere was marginal. The 
greed that is a danger to the biosphere have to be looked for elsewhere. Some times in 
the very top of the very respected and wealthy part of humanity as they and their 
corporations thrive on oil, wood, coal and likes. Commodities that can not be returned 
and therefore has a limitied time in use. What's next?

( :8-)

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