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> > << Some times in the very top of the very respected and wealthy part of 
> > humanity as they and their corporations thrive on oil, wood, coal and 
> > likes. 
> > Commodities that can not be returned and therefore has a limitied time 
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> > use.  >>
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> Lawana:
> > I won't argue about oil or coal -- but wood is a renewable resource and 
> > it's 
> > sheer stupidity to have to sit and watch thousands upon thousands of 
> > acres go 
> > up in smoke just so some elitist ecologists can have a pretty place to 
> > visit.
> > 
> --Wood is renewable - if it's planted with new trees, yes. The problem 
> is that vast forrests are cut down in many parts of the world and the 
> ground is left bare. Those pirates should be draged screeming into the 
> school of ecology and then made to plant new trees with their own bare 
> hands.
> I don't think that the ecologists want forrests to be spared just for 
> themselves but for all of us. And the connection to going up in smoke 
> eludes me. No forrest fires can happen on a stripped land. Is that the 
> solution? For whom?
> Claes
> ( :8-)

Environmental extremists go to court to block the Forest Service from 
stripping dead trees and undergrowth out of the forests, or allowing 
lumber companies to do it. Because all those dead trees and brush remain 
year after year there is an enormous amount of fuel to feed fires. 

In the natural condition of forests, when human beings don't interfere 
fires are started by lightening and burn off the undergrowth from time 
to time. Living trees which are full of sap and water are not consumed 
in these relatively small fires. 

When humans interrupt that natural cycle, stopping those small fires 
year after year and allowing the fuel to build up then the fires, when 
they finally get started during dry times, are so well fuelled and so 
extremely hot they conume EVEYTHING -- large living trees included. Then 
the land is left truly denuded. 

The environmentalists, in their zealous blind hatred of lumbering 
companies are doing more harm than good. They are motivated by leftist 
ideology, not by a true love of nature. 

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