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> > << My country - right or wrong.  Yeah, okay.  The love it or leave it 
> >  mantra is a load of hooey. >>
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> > For all her faults, I'd put this country up against any other country 
> > that 
> > has ever existed and there's no doubt in my mind the USA would win, 
> > hands 
> > down. 
> > We may not be perfect, but we're the best this world has ever seen.
> > 
> ----------------------------
> Our main fault as a nation is that we are too fair, to humane, to 
> willing to meet others halfway.

--Like in the Kyoto agreement?
> Our critics should be very thankful that Americans of my general outlook 
> are not fully in charge.

--That's may be the reason that you are not in charge?
> I'd start with a massive slaughter in the Bakaa Valley, which is a 
> hotbed of terrorist bases. From what I've read, about a dozen low-yield 
> nukes delivered by Tomahawk missiles would get it done. Of ourse I'd 
> leave the planning details to the miltary experts. It might take 20 
> warheads. Or 5. I wouldn't trouble myself with the minor details if I 
> wee commander-in-chief.               

--No, but worrying about the details will come later, I think.

( :8-)

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