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> Nuclear power is the answer! But I think coal can be burned pretty 
> cleanly these days. 

--Yes, if you are only concerned about the sot and those particals, but the carbon 
dioxide is still produced, unfortunatelly.

> One of the silly things about the enviro-wackos pushing for electric 
> cars is that they ignore the fact that there's a pollution-pumping power 
> plant at the other end of the cord that charges the batteries. 

--Agreed, as I mentioned in another message.

> And battery manufacture is an extreme pollution-producing industry.

--The led based batteries in any case, but I don't know about the new (and very 
expensive) constructions.

> I'm a big fan of the internal combustion auto engine myself. I've always 
> been partial to large American V-8 engines. Varroooommmm!!!!

--So am I. I love that mighty sound, not to forget the big Harley Davisons. Have you 
heard what they say? The difference between boys and men is the difference in size and 
prize of their toys!


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