Le 15/12/2010 09:58, Kurosu a écrit :
> Le 15/12/2010 03:03, Robert Clausecker a écrit :
>> Hi guys!
>> I've a suggestion to you: Before we release, let's do a public beta test
>> of let's say two weeks. In this beta, we can check whether there are
>> obvious mistakes and anything is all right. (To proof our selves from
>> something like 0.9.2-1). IMHO, we should test it deeply, and if there's
>> no flaw, release the very same tarball/installer as 10.12.
>> What's your opinion?
> Yes, the current tarball, or better, the svn branch at:
> svn://svn.gna.org/svn/warmux/branches/warmux-10.12
> are well-suited, first for testing if compilation works, second, the
> actual gameplay.
> I didn't see any problem, but as a developer, I can't do thorough
> testing, and there have been too many changes not to be uneasy about
> it. So yes, anyone, please go ahead and test the code.
> As for a "public beta test", this mostly means we just tag the
> released version as "beta"? So what would be the actual difference?
> Lesser dissemination of the release information?

I'm not against a beta version. But in this case, we should be strict on
the schedule to avoid release the "final" version months after, from a
trunk (like it was for 0.8 beta).

We know that a release is unfortunately never perfect, but one day, we
have to release.

Honestly, 0.9.2-1 was a stupid error, and it should have never happen if
packagers have tested building during the final step of the release.
Originally, the idea of the 2 weeks freeze period was for translators
*and* packagers. But it seems that packagers of various system woken up
only when source archive is finally done and the tag created.

> And what could be an approximate schedule?
> Something like:
> - wait for current call for translation to finish (ie around the 22)
> - package the "beta" and issue an announcement about it as soon as
> possible afterwards
> - leave a 2 weeks test time, while merging bugfixes and new translations
> - release (around mid-january then?)

Hm, should we really wait for translation to announce a beta version ?
In my mind a beta version does not need all translations to be perfect.
Otherwise, I'm ok with current schedule.



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